Back for a Day, Gone Tomorrow

23 October 2013

Wigberto Ramos (right) shares a smile with Homecoming king Hunter Leslie (left).   By Japre Ellis Wigberto “Wiggy” Ramos graduated from U.S. Army basic training, becoming the first JROTC student to join the army from Garner Magnet High School. Many teens contemplate the idea of joining the army. Plenty of variables factor into the decision. […]

All About Pumpkins

23 October 2013

Isolated Teachers and Freshmen

23 October 2013

Blueprints for the Freshman Center main building   By Kristine Gunderson There are many benefits of the new freshman center. The new facility frees up space for more students, and it aids in a better transition to high school. “It’s a nice facility. It will keep track of the freshman,” Pam Hedley, a veteran GMHS […]

Party With a Cause

23 October 2013

  By Leah Cash Jordan Anderson, a junior, spent her 17th Birthday having a shoe cutting party, and then she pitched the idea to get            the Student Services and Leadership Team (SSaLT) to help out on Oct. 8. “The reason that I decided to pitch this idea is because these […]

The Best Apple Pie for Fall Days

23 October 2013

By Allison Traub Apple pie is the one special dessert my mom makes my family in the fall. She uses my great grandma’s recipe, and only makes it for us twice a year. If she did it any more, she would have to make it every day. Ingredients:  2 Cups of Flour ⅔ Cup Shortening […]

Halloween Franchise: New vs. Old

23 October 2013

New Season Brings New Trends

23 October 2013

By Kerry Williams and Keion White Fashion and style is unique to the individual, but every season brings new trends. Leggings are a large part of women’s fashion because they are comfortable and a foundation of almost every outfit. Chunky knit sweaters are popular because of the versatility that they bring. In any occasion, chunky […]

Fall Brings Success to Musicians

23 October 2013

By Diamond Williams Many singers liberated their true spirit at the beginning of autumn. The attention that these musicians gain prove that they are successful. Drake released his third studio album titled Nothing Was the Same. With over 658,000 copies sold in the first week, the album was a general success. In a survey taken […]

Are Costumes Sexy or Sexist?

23 October 2013

By Becca Rudd Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. Unfortunately, the holiday has been completely twisted to the point that as a female, I don’t feel like I can enjoy it anymore. Costumes available to women are just frustrating and demeaning. Take Party City, for example. On the homepage, the two genders are advertised. […]

School Bond Referendum Approved by Wake County Voters

09 October 2013

By Airius Avery On September 24, 2013 the Friends of Wake County came and took a tour of GMHS to determine if the school deserved the school bond and to see what needs to be done to the school. Bonds are the lowest cost way for Wake County to borrow money. It allows the county […]

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Pride and Prejudice hits Garner stage in late October

Posted on 30 September 2013

By Leah Cash The Garner Magnet High School theater department is preforming Pride and Prejudice, a play adapted from the novel written by Jane Austen. Auditions took place September 4th. About 15 students auditioned for the play, many of whom had never read the book or seen the film. Third year theater student Savannah Baber […]


Ms. Krepelka, The Do-It-All Teacher

Posted on 03 October 2013

By Allison Traub Kelly Krepelka, an English teacher at GMHS, keeps her life busy as a teacher, student, and lead singer in a band. Her band is both supporting and influential; the piano player of the band is her piano teacher. “I was asked to sing a few songs in January and we thought it […]


Garner’s accident simulation crashes into prom season

Posted on 20 May 2014

By Japre Ellis   Many young teens believe they are invincible. They think nothing bad is going to happen to them. Teens do not realize that it is better to take precaution before getting into a sticky situation. “I never saw it coming,” Carly Johnson, a recent car accident survivor, said. “the car just came […]


Free Education For All

Posted on 20 January 2013

By Aschalew Teka I believe everyone is entitled to their own “free” education. I believe that because if people had to pay to send their kids to school, many people might just stop coming, especially families with low incomes. I believe everyone is entitle to a “free education because I have had some experiences when […]


Volleyball Game Supports HIV Positive Orphans

Posted on 27 September 2013

By Ben Kalu H.I.V positive Indian orphans are drawing support from GMHS Volleyball by the home game against Clayton on September 26th, which is free entry, but is accepting donations. In November of 2008, Mr. Boyette, the girl’s volleyball coach, visited Shelter Trust orphanage in Chennai, India. “The orphans were about to be kicked out […]